EPISODE 11 A fascist regime in Belarus

Show notes

Julia Cimafiejeva and Alhierd Bacharevic are both internationally acclaimed writers and poets from Belarus. But the situation in their homeland is so dire that instead of concentrating on the craft of writing they have turned into political activists: "Our dictator of 26 years in power has installed a regime which is comparable to Nazi Germany", they claim. On the **International day of Human rights ** Cimafiejeva and Bacharevic sat down with "Stimmen für die Freiheit" to denounce the growing number of political prisoners, torture and extrajudicial killings in Belarus: "Human rights, freedom of thought and expression and civil liberties are violated on a scale unknown in most other European states." In this Episode they read each one of their poems about the courage of resistance to the regime and the reluctance of Europe to come to the aid of Belorussians living in constant fear and repression.

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Humburg foundation for politically persecuted doing great job as an international organization for supporting journalists and press freedom. They are trying to courage and make the opportunity to enjoy from your life from the time you are as a gust beside capacity building. I learn a lot and I found a wonderful friends and best friends which still we are in touch. Me and my daughter have a very unforgettable and wonderful memories from being in Humburg. I wish best of luck and more success for the the foundation especially Martina and Mr. Johhans. Farida

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